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Staff Health and Wellbeing

27 July 2022

By Kala Khagram

Staff Health and Wellbeing

​Internally Teamforce Labour is focussing on the health and wellbeing of their staff - office personnel as well as their workforce/operatives supplied on site.

Our Community Engagement actions are initially directed with engaging through our skilled operatives supplied on projects to fulfill our Clients' requirements.

Areas covered:

1. Staff Recognition Scheme - Recognising the achievements of staff is paramount for any business or project manager.
This applies to both back-office functions and operatives working on our Client’s long-term projects. It also relieves the stress that is associated with construction tasks and keeps workers engaged in their jobs.

2. Introduction of Best operative of the Month - We feature them on our Website / Social Media Platforms.

3. Introduction of the Staff Suggestion Scheme - Awaiting implementation.

4. Creation of opportunities for career advancement for long-term serving personnel


5. Engage with our operatives through Site Surveys - Obtain feedback positive/negative on their working Environment.

6. We have just implemented our Staff Engagement Survey covering Health and Wellbeing - Mental Health and Fitness.

We have been supporting various charities annually.

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